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I am a contemporary oriental dancer, choreographer, teacher, and performance director. I am mostly inspired by social prejudice and issues, inner conflicts of the self, and inspirational personal stories. I aspire to change the way people think and give them a new perspective on things.

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I teach regular classes in Berlin, Germany. For free lessons, subscribe to my youtube channel.

Online contemporary oriental tutorials

  • Various oriental moves
  • Warm-up sequences
  • Dance show videos
  • Choreography explanation

Contemporary Oriental Dance

  • Intense warm-up
  • Basic ballet moves & turns
  • Oriental moves
  • Choreography
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Contemporary Oriental Dance Workshop

  • Intense warm-up
  • Basic ballet moves
  • Oriental moves
  • Short Choreography
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Healthy Back

  • Conditioning exercises
  • Back & core activation
  • Posture awareness
  • Stretching exercises
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If you are interested in learning more, feel free to join any of my classes or contact me directly. I would love to help you if you have issues with any movements or insecurities about what you are doing.

  • Sofiya is personified talent. She is a skilled dancer that merges contemporary and oriental dance with her own tribal style. Sofiya is pure magic on stage, equipped with a presence hard to top! She is one in a million dancers dancing from the core of her heart.
    Özen Odag
    Turkey │ Germany
  • Sofiya is a creative choreographer, who manages to capture the essence of emotion in her dances. Not held down by tradition, she incorporates elements of different dance styles in her work, creating an amalgam that gives dancers freedom of expression. As an instructor, she employs a holistic approach, which combines exercises from various types of training – dance, pilates, yoga, and other body weight exercises – to allow the body to learn and perform in the healthiest way possible.
    Veneta Gerganova
  • Sofiya is not only a talented dancer and choreographer, but also a creative and inspiring teacher. I went from having no clue about dance to participating in a dance show, and am excited to continue it as my new passion!
    Sonja Kahl
  • Sofiya is one of the few people I know who always have a positive attitude and are energetic even in difficult times. I started her oriental-contemporary course in winter 2017 and did not know what to expect. Not only did I discover a new passion for dancing, I have met someone who can motivate you and make you feel like you can do and learn everything. It is very lovely to see how important her students are to her and that she wants to share her passion with many others.
    Nilufar Akbari
    Iran │ Germany
  • Sofiya is a teacher with such a strong vision that makes you follow her anywhere. She appreciates everyone of her team professionally and personally. She helps you develop your own dance style, find your strengths, and push your limits. It's always been fun and pleasure to work with Sofiya. I learned a lot, improved my dancing and performing skills, and got inspiration for lifetime!
    Marina Polinovskaia

Facebook: @contemporaryorientaldance

Instagram: @sofiya.dance

Youtube: Sofiya Mariniova

Email: sofiyamarinova@gmail.com