La Femme

Hear the stories of three very strong women, be inspired by their courage, feel the emotion that they have felt, relive their experiences through dance.

Project Details

'La Femme' is a performance that celebrates strong women who have been through various hardships. It touches on social issues such as social prejudice and pressure, as well as more intimate ones like having a miscarriage and being in an abusive relationship.

Three inspiring women come forward to tell their stories. Their words are expressed through contemporary oriental dance and supported by theatrical elements. The piece aims to empower and inspire women in similar situations and motivate them to find their way out.


1. Lost: Beats Antique - Crooked Muse (feat. LYNX)
2. Alone: Beats Antique - Miss Levine
3. Violence: Beats Antique - The Allure
4. Freedom: Beats Antique - Charon's Crossing
5. Sisterhood: Beats Antique - The Rift feat. Alam Khan
6. New love, new life: Solace - Blood Oil Gold
7. A lesson learned: Beats Antique - Viper's Den


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Email: sofiyamarinova@gmail.com