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Heathy Back Exercises - Classes in Berlin

The importance of the spine and back muscles is often undermined in our everyday lives. We often have an incorrect posture, which causes various conditions, such as chronic pain and scoliosis.

Underestimating the importance of warm-up before dancing, last year I dislocated multiple vertebrae during an incident. The feeling was excruciating – constant pain and discomfort, inability to perform many everyday activities properly. It was even painful to sit or lay down. It took me a long time and strong determination to be able to recover fully.

“There are two sides to every coin”, people said. I was long unaware what could be the positive outcome of hurting myself so badly. Finally, I realized.

During this time, I gained an awareness of what the correct posture is and how important it is to maintain it. I got a profound understanding of how to take care of my spine and back muscles and how to protect myself from future injuries. I realized that the best way to have a healthy spine is to strengthen the muscles that support it. I did series of exercises that target exactly these muscles, strengthening them and relaxing the pain I had. Working on the musculoskeletal structure works in long-term, also providing the possibility to restore the correct posture of the spine.

After learning these important lessons and realizing how important they are, I decided to share my experience to help others that have similar problems. I invite you to join me in these new weekly sessions to gain awareness of the correct posture, learn important exercises that will improve your condition, and get some strategies on dealing with long sitting hours.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!



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