My style

I blend oriental, tribal, and contemporary dance moves in a choreography that is telling a story. The most important part of a dance for me is the emotion that is transporting a message to the viewer. I am especially interested in creating a meaning behind a choreography, which is why I often include social problems and personal stories in my works.

My story

My name is Sofiya Marinova and I am originally from Bulgaria, where I had the most wonderful childhood. After finishing high school, I won a scholarship at Jacobs University Bremen, where I spent three years studying Chemistry. It was there where I first started dancing. The amazing Veneta Gerganova invited me to her Oriental Dance Class, where she inspired me to continue expressing myself through dance. During my time in university, I had the unique opportunity to participate in her inspiring dance shows, as well as in several contemporary productions by the talented Özen Odag.

After finishing my Bachelor, I moved to Berlin, where I started teaching my own dance classes, which incorporate my style - contemporary oriental dance. For the past four years, I have had the pleasure to work with avid and talented dancers with various backgrounds.

As an enthusiastic performer and choreographer, I have organized several performances with varying length. The most spectacular of these, ‘La Femme’, I presented in the summer of 2018 in Berlin. The dance show aimed at celebrating strong women who have been through various hardships. It touched on social issues such as social prejudice and pressure, as well as more intimate ones like having a miscarriage and being in an abusive relationship.

I am absolutely thrilled to cooperate with other performers and artists. I have had the pleasure to work with musicians, visual artists, videographers and other wornderul artists. If you are interested and want to do something absolutely stunning, just drop me an email.


I teach regular classes in Berlin, Germany. For free lessons, subscribe to my youtube channel.

Free lessons

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  • Warm-up sequences
  • Dance show videos
  • Choreography explanation

Contemporary Oriental Dance Classes

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  • Basic ballet moves & turns
  • Oriental moves
  • Choreography
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Contemporary Oriental Dance Workshop

  • Intense warm-up
  • Basic ballet moves
  • Oriental moves
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Healthy Back

  • Conditioning exercises
  • Back & core activation
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If you are interested in learning more, feel free to join any of my classes or contact me directly. I would love to help you if you have issues with any movements or insecurities about what you are doing.

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Facebook: @contemporaryorientaldance

Instagram: @sofiya.dance

Youtube: Sofiya Mariniova

Email: sofiyamarinova@gmail.com

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